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Gale Banks Engineering Twin-Turbo Kit  (350 small-block V-8 engines)
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Twin-Turbo Kit (350 small-block V-8 engines)
Gale Banks Engineering

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, Gale Banks Engineering now has a complete Twin-Turbo kit to fit most common 350 small-block V-8 engines. Installation by a competent mechanic can be completed in one weekend. The Banks Twin-Turbo system offers tremendous performance and economy in a classic package from the company that never compromises.

The massive amount of air needed to make 500 to 800 hp is fed to the engine through a specially designed Banks pressure chamber that allows for greater boost without increased turbine backpressure for better response and fuel economy. A built-in integral shuttle valve bypass prevents surge conditions and eliminates backpressure caused by the compressed air hitting closed throttle plates when shifting. Without this valve, power would be sluggish between shifts due to increased lag from slowed-down turbos.

Exhaust Manifolds
These compact, high-flow manifolds were designed by Banks for the ultimate in fit and long-term durability. Their unique design resists cracking and distortion while providing the best turbo and wastegate placement for ease of installation.

The Banks BigHead® wastegates are designed for a flat boost curve resulting in an awesome power transition. The high-gain actuator allows for quicker spool-up and less boost creep. The stainless steel body withstands the high temperatures, ensuring a long and reliable service life.

The high-flow turbochargers, built by Banks to our own strict specifications for optimum performance, deliver outstanding power from their compact frames. With our precision-balanced inconel turbine wheel and shaft assembly, the assurance of durability and reliability is never in question. Driving is a smooth, pulse-pounding power fest that gives you the "nailed back in your seat" thrill you'd expect from Banks. The efficiency of our compressor design helps to reduce inlet air temperatures to acceptable levels, eliminating the need for an intercooler (for power output up to 800 hp).

Banks thought of everything when assembling this Twin-Turbo kit. The system is so comprehensive and utterly complete, even the most seasoned gearheads will be impressed. Every nut, bolt, line, fitting, heat shield, flange, clamp and hose has been included so you won’t have to search the world over to get the parts you need to finish the job. An owner’s manual and installation instructions are also supplied with the package so there’s no guesswork involved. Gale Banks Engineering will also work with you to create that perfect look for your application. Polishing, chrome plating, anodizing and color coordination can all be worked out to create the desired finished product. Fuel injection system, ignition, throttle body and front drive system are sold separately.

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Manufacturer: Gale Banks Engineering
Location: 546 Duggan Avenue
  Azusa, CA 91702 USA
Phone: (800)601.8072
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