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Whipple Industries GM 2001-2005 496/8.1 Vortec Engine
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GM 2001-2005 496/8.1 Vortec Engine
Whipple Industries

New for 01’-05’, Whipple offers a revolutionary supercharger system for the GM 8.1 engines equipped in today’s GM’s trucks, Avalanche and Suburbans. The all-new systems boast Whipple’s own state-of-the-art air intake system, optional air-to-water intercooler setup, engine guardian system and Whipple Power Flash Programmer for the factory ECU recalibration.

With the Whipple twin-screw supercharger, boost is instant allowing for more low-end torque and incredible throttle response for ideal towing capabilities. Power from idle to redline, a unique feature only available to the Whipple Charger. No one in the world combines so much quality and technology into a complete bolt on and simple to install supercharger system then Whipple Superchargers. While others claim, Whipple Superchargers simply produce more power per pound of boost than any other supercharger on the market today.

The new Whipple air intake system was designed for maximum airflow while protecting from power robbing heat. The factory filter system is very restrictive and limits your total power output while most of today’s aftermarket air intake systems use open element filters which actually rob horsepower from the increased air temps of the engine compartment. The Whipple system uses a high flow air filter and plastic plenum that helps increase air speeds, reduce air turbulence and protect from power robbing heat.

Only Whipple Superchargers offer an engine guardian system to help protect your investment. The factory PCM was designed to work with a stock, unsupercharged engine so it’s protection system cannot control boost pressure. The Whipple Engine Guardian system monitors the factory oxygen sensors, if the sensor detects a lean air/fuel mixture under open loop operation, the guardian system opens the air-bypass valve and lowers the engine boost to a safer level. This helps prevent harmful engine damage if a problem occurs. The factory PCM is also reconfigured for the proper knock detection settings for boosted operation.


• Twin screw Whipple Supercharger
• Most efficient supercharger on the market
• No “ancient” rising rate fuel pressure regulator
• Up to 50% horsepower increase
• Up to 50% torque increase throughout entire RPM range
• Instant boost at the touch of the throttle
• Flat torque curve for excellent towing power
• Incredible acceleration and top end power
• Whipple Superchargers air-bypass system
• Self-contained lubrication system
• High flow air filter system
• Flash programmer for gear/tire/MPH modification
• 50-State Emissions Legal
• All parts meet or exceed OEM specifications
• Active boost control for unsurpassed reliability
• No internal modifications
• Completed installation looks factory installed
• Kits come complete with all necessary parts and hardware for installation
• 1 year warranty

All prices subject to change without notice
Major kit components are pre-assembled for easy installation

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Manufacturer: Whipple Industries
Location: 3292 N. Weber
  Fresno, CA 92722 USA
Phone: (559)442-1261
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