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Econoaid Throttle Body Booster For 2008-2009 Dodge Ram 4.7L V8
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Throttle Body Booster For 2008-2009 Dodge Ram 4.7L V8

In today’s world everybody is looking to increase fuel efficiency and gain some MPG. Whether you drive a full size truck or a compact car the Econoaid Throttle Body Booster can help you with your needs.

The EconoAid Throttle Body Booster increases the velocity of the air charge and improves the atomization of the air/fuel mixture entering the engine. The now turbulent air charge is carried through; past intake valves for better atomization and more complete combustion!

The EconoAid Throttle Body Booster is designed to fit between your factory throttle body and your Intake manifold. Unlike some of the other competition on the market, the EconoAid Throttle Body Booster is installed between your throttle body and intake manifold for maximum benefit and performance. All EconoAid’s come complete with all necessary gaskets, detailed installation instructions and reuse the factory hardware. Installation requires only simple hand tools and usually only takes about 30 minutes. All EconoAid’s are made in the U.S.A.

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Manufacturer: Econoaid
Location: 2688 E. Rose Garden Ln.
  Phoenix, AZ 85050 USA
Phone: 1-888-876-4676
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